Scientific Proof Why Latin American Women Prefer Older UK Guys

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Scientific proof why Latin American women prefer older UK guys

Have you ever seen a beautiful Latin American woman on the arm of a clearly older British gentleman and judged the woman for being a gold digger or judged the man for being a sugar daddy. Or you might even have pondered at the question, “what does she see in him?” or “why doesn’t she find someone closer to her age?”


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Well, we are here to give you the answers and more. Let’s start with the obvious, Latin American women are used to men from South and North America. Britain is quite a ways away from South America. We all could therefore argue that the first reason for the attraction is that UK men are exotic to Latin American women. Yes, that’s right. British men can be seen as exotic. However, as usual, science comes to the rescue. Scientists have been taking this younger woman older guy saga seriously enough to make a study of it.

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Where did these learned scientists start their study other than with an in depth observation and study of the animal kingdom. In the animal kingdom it is the female that chooses the mate and in each species the mate in question has to do something or have something. Take the peacock for instance, their plumage impresses even those outside of his species and if you look at antelope, it is the stag with the impressive antlers that are considered as a viable mate by the females. If we dive deep we even have the pufferfish that builds ornate circles with sand on the ocean floor in the hopes of attracting a mate.


Yes, we know we aren’t giving you any new information here. We have all watched Planet Earth, bless David Attenborough. The actual new information is that the female not only goes for the beautiful feathers of impressive antlers or even the best nest purely on looks. The female would not chose a mate if it expended all of its energy trying to impress her.

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When this new information is brought to the question of why Latin American women choose older UK guys as mates it becomes clear. Yes there are younger men who will flaunt their wealth by way of flashy cars and clothes, but the question is, did they spend all they have in order to get the Porsche and Armani suit? These Latin American women perceive that if these older UK men can still be living ostentatiously during their twilight years, then they are bred from good stock. Not only will he be able to provide for her and their children, but the said children will undoubtedly have his strong genes. When you cut it all down to the core, it comes down to a basic survival of the fittest and the species must continue.


Older UK men have lived through possible bankruptcy, many struggles and have come out victorious on the other side. It’s that tenacity that impresses the younger Latin American women. Naturally they will look like gold diggers, but all these ladies are actually doing is thinking of the future of their children.  While younger UK guys can certainly be equally wealthy or maybe even more successful, it is the pure fact that the older guys have been in the game for longer. Not only have they been in the game for longer but they have been proving themselves against the young bucks on every front.

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Considering this new scientific research, it makes absolute sense why Latin American women prefer older UK men when looking for a mate. They are following their genetic code, they are looking out for the survival of their offspring and ultimately the species. We should be thanking them.

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